Finder’s Field is the music of singer/songwriter Matt Stewart, a self-taught guitarist and world-class dancer from Minneapolis, MN. With a sound that’s driven by acoustic guitar, keys, and cello, his music uses relatable lyrics, finely crafted melodies and a musical style that reaches across genres. Matt studied piano, voice, dance, and theatre from a young age before earning his BFA in Dance at The Juilliard School in New York City. After enjoying a nine-year career with the San Francisco Ballet, he is now teaching music and dance in Charlotte, NC with his wife Courtney. Matt has a huge heart for worship and you will most likely find him leading services in his local church on weekends with both the adults and the K-5 kids. Above all, Matt brings a genuine passion for creativity, laughter and the hope that’s found in the good news of the gospel. Finders Field‘s debut album, Halfway Home, features conversational songs about love and faith in the same vein as Sara Groves and Damien Rice and was released on Nov 04, 2014.



Full Bio

Music, like a human heartbeat, is never static. It is a living, breathing form of communication — a spiritual means of expression that often awakens something deep within our subconscious, speaking to us in a way that can only be defined as transcendent. Matt Stewart, the singer/songwriter known as Finder’s Field, lives to keep his finger on that pulse. “We think we have our eyes open,” Matt says, “but then we have these moments in our lives when we truly come awake. Music can make that happen.”


The son of a mother who received her Master of Arts in music, Matt could not escape the omnipresence of music in his life. “There were always instruments and sheet music lying around my mother’s house,” recalls Matt. Both Matt and his twin brother, Benjamin, studied piano while Matt also played the French horn and drums. Matt’s love for music translated to other art forms and he soon realized that he had a passion for theater and an aptitude for dance. As an adolescent and teenager, Matt’s natural talent for dance led him to pursue a career in ballet and the performing arts.

A native of Minnesota, Matt was fortunate to attend local Minneapolis high schools with outstanding arts programs. He studied concert, chamber and broadway music under one of his most influential mentors, Judy Sagen, before transferring to the prestigious Harid Dance Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida. After attending Harid, Matt entered the Julliard School in New York City to study ballet, contemporary and modern dance. When he graduated from Julliard in 2003, Matt joined the corps in the San Francisco Ballet. His dance career has led him all over the United States and the world, giving him the opportunity to perform in China and throughout Europe. As a dancer, Matt is known for his ability to engage and captivate his audience so that the viewers feel like they are a part of the performance. He brings that same level of connection to his fans when he performs songs on stage.


Finder’s Field began recording on a small-scale, creating music in his garage or in the home of his producer, Stuart Quan. As he gained momentum, Matt started recording in bigger venues, such as Firehouse Recording Studio in Los Angeles, Studio 1225 in Pacifica and Broken Radio Studio in San Francisco.

“I am excited about where this is going,” says Matt. Finder’s Field‘s LP Halfway Home was released on Nov 4, 2014.