A Fresh Start

847726027344largeI’m thrilled to welcome you to the new Finder’s Field website. This site will keep you up to date with any shows, projects, and special announcements that are happening related to my music and volunteering. I encourage you to add your name and email to the contact form on the top right of the home page and click “Get Updates” so I can connect with you via our Finder’s Field Family Newsletter. Email may seem old and outdated, but it means a strong vote of support to your friendly independent artists who are constantly wondering who’s really out there listening, and are they actually liking what they hear.

I’m also excited to reveal the cover art for my new album Halfway Home. I think the designers at Tate Music Group did a beautiful job capturing what Finder’s Field sounds and feels like.

Looking forward to staying in touch with you, and hopeful I might see you face to face at a show sometime in the future. ~ Matt

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